Rocca dei Sanniti Viticoltori is a high expression of winemaking in the territory of Benevento, in time become a place for native wine production of particular value.

The Winery has always presented a proprietary structure and a family business management. The Zollo family, from generations of winemakers in Benevento, owns Rocca dei Sanniti.

The Agricultural Estate was established on March 30, 1967 by notary Giovanni Barricelli in Benevento by Carmine Zollo, father of the current owner Maurizio Zollo.

It originated from the farms bought by the farmer Cosimo Zollo - Maurizio Zollo's grandfather - in the year 1911.

The Agricultural Estate develops in the valley of the river Sabato, on the borders of the town of Benevento with that of San Leucio del Sannio (near the town of Casale Maccabei). The Agricultural Estate is today made up of vineyards, the ancient farm and the more recent Villa Carel, a structure where the property currently lives.

In more recent years, the vineyards owned in Benevento have been joined by the availability of other farms in the vineyard, all of which are located in suitable territories and protected by controlled and guaranteed denominations of origin: in particular, in the municipalities of Torrecuso and Chianche.

The legal and administrative headquarters of Rocca dei Sanniti Viticoltori is located in Ponte, together with a real estate unit used for the local marketing of wines.

The functional production facilities benefit from state-of-the-art technical equipment, consisting of a room for receiving steel tanks, subjected to continuous thermal control; from a barrel cellar, made of barrels and barriques in woods and differentiated sizes; from a third room for sterilization, bottling, labeling and packaging.

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